Sacred Journeys and Sacred Objects of The Native Shaman:

Published: 03rd June 2010
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Sacred Journeys and Sacred Objects of The Native Shaman:

Soul Flights or Soul Journeys:

In most Native American Traditions soul flights are seen as a powerful special kind of dreaming. As a matter of fact, in the culture of Native Americans a common way of thinking is that there is not a rigid distinction between the waking state and the dreaming state. Actually they seem these two realms as one and inseparable as a single dimension. In this belief system, any action performed in a dream is not considered complete until the corresponding action is taken in the waking state. Understanding this leads to the foresight of dreams and often crucial decisions are based on earlier dreams. Soul flights are often undergone during vision quests, and every Native American goes on at least one in their life, most go on a regular basis, especially shamans.

The Shamanic Arsenal:

Shamans use a wide array of sacred objects and substances in their healing work; these items will either aid the shaman in their soul flight experience, or enhance the healing itself. Native American use both a drum and a rattle when they perform their shaman songs. Other objects that make up their shamanic arsenal include what they keep in their medicine pack, which can range from anything like eagle feathers, sacred rocks and crystals, shells, bones, powders, and herbs such as white sage, Echinacea, Melaluca, cedar, sweetgrass, juniper, and any other plants expected to have healing capabilities. The wide variety of things a shaman might carry with him or her, depends on the location of their existence and the experiences they have had in their life, also their mythological knowledge. Each individual shaman will be different in his or her methods, songs, healings, and lives as a whole.

No matter what the shaman has with them, these are all just signs of their specific spiritual power, which they carry inside. This power that was gain through their initiation and the battle with an invasive spirit; it was never said that this spirit, once defeated, leaves the body. It is very possible that the battle is simply a test if they shaman can carry the spirit with them and in turn gain the healing power of the spirit once passing the test. Many shaman speak of their inner power as a crystal lodged deep within their body or soul, or even a constant beaming energy that continues to burn.

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