Shaman of Oceania: Similar Beliefs of Many Nations

Published: 03rd June 2010
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Shaman of Oceania: Similar Beliefs of Many Nations

Oceania, a great section of the world, geography wise and population wise it covers a large region, but most important of all is it's richness, culturally. The four regions it is divided into include Australia, including Tasmania, Melanesia, which includes Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, and many other islands, Micronesia, which includes tiny islands like Guam, Kiribati, and the Marianas, and finally Polynesia, Which extends all the way from New Zealand down to Hawaii. Despite the wide stretches of land that reside between the people of Oceania, the cultures all share a similar mythical view of life: spiritual energy can dwell in people and places, as well as actions and objects. According to their wide culture, all things in reality share both a physical and spiritual existence, and the shaman is one of the few who can tap into both dimensions.

In Polynesia, the concept of this spiritually energy existing within everyone and everything is called "mana." Depending on where you stand in Polynesia, mana can either be described as an internal force, such as an energy, and others believe it to be an actual spiritual substance that runs through all things. The name the Australian Aboriginal People bestowed upon this sacred mystic energy is "djang." Here it is said to accumulate in certain natural objects and places, which can be distinguished by some kind of striking or unusual feature (ei. A lone tree, a sudden out cropping rock in the middle of a flat land, and similar occurrences like this). Most other cultures adopt these names for the energy or simply hold the belief strong within, without the need for a specific name. Each culture will have a slightly different view of how exactly the energy works.

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